Here’s Why Ivy League House Is Better Than Other Hostels In Pune

When someone mentions the words ‘college dorm rooms’ the first thing that strikes the mind for sure isn’t luxury and comfort. Moreover, it is actually the opposite that turns out to be the real case scenario. There is a good chance of getting horrified with images of cramped up spaces and poorly lit rooms that definitely do not seem delightful. Amongst all of this, you’d think that there’s probably no other way while wondering if it’s really the only option you have. Well, you needn’t be fraught with worry because there is, indeed, another way out of this!

Ivy League House in Pune is here to change the narrative. We understand how significant an impact a good living space with a fruitful atmosphere has on a student’s mind. After all, you’d want to rest your head for three to four years on a nice and comfortable bed with feel-good vibes around. At Ivy League House, we intend to provide students with a sublime atmosphere that helps them in their productivity as well as helps them relax and recharge after being satisfied after a long day’s work.

What Ivy League House Has In Store?

One thing we guarantee is a premium experience with never-seen-before contrivances ready at your fingertips at Ivy League House. Just like a kid at a candy store, we’re sure to give you an amaze-blaze aura with a semblance of literal luxury. Colour us wrong, if you must!

The ‘Co-Co’ Zone to Your Rescue

A fitting combination of having fun with studies is pretty much what students prefer. For this we bring to you a ‘co-working, co-study zone’ where you’re free to discuss, share and cultivate new ideas with your buddies. It’s really like a nice cafe with supple interiors specially designed for you to have a fruitful, productive time with your peers. What’s more? You get a cosy fireplace lounge area where you can chit-chat as well as spend some quality time with your friends.

Rooftop Sky Deck

We bet you haven’t heard of a student housing that has a sky deck on its campus. Get infinite access to beauty-laden terrace gardens perfect for an evening amongst the stars for a chill weekend. Or on weekdays! We doubt you’d choose a cafe over this.

The Perfect Instagram-Worthy Interiors

Instagram is the fab fad that’s always going to stay in the game and we understand how you’d like to be on the game with it. At Ivy League House, we have carefully selected the ambient interiors best suited for students that give you a feel of luxury, comfort and an overall fun time together.

Scrumptious Food Options

Let us tell you about the infinite food option we have here at Ivy League House. From pantries to vending machines to buffet meals; we have it all. If you prefer cooking on your own, well, we got you covered with that as well. Say yes to the hot and delectable a la carte menu with an option of alfresco and indoor dining. We truly believe good food sets the mood!

Here you go. We warmly bring to you the crème de la crème studies & entertainment, where ideas come to life, fun and frolic included. Ivy League House in Pune is one of the best places you could possibly spend your valuable years of college. After all, college is supposed to be the most enjoyable time of your life full of growth and new explorations, and that is exactly what we offer.

Hurry up, we’re eagerly waiting for you! Contact us today for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.