Ivy League House

Premium student accommodation in India

Ivy League House is the premium student accommodation in India, Where Freshmen, Sophomores and Seniors enjoy an international standard student living experience. Where Parents feel secure about their children and Where Universities find a trusted partner for a well-rounded living accommodation.

Ivy League House is a premier brand by Curated Living Solutions, a dynamic startup supported by Divyasree Developers. Divyasree Developers is a renowned real estate and urban infrastructure group in South India with over three decades of excellence. They are the visionary force behind the establishment of REVA University in Bangalore in 2004. Today, REVA University proudly hosts nearly 15,000 students across various disciplines.

In addition to offering exceptional student housing through Ivy League House, Curated Living Solutions has ventured into the co-living market with their innovative brand, LOCAL. Explore our diverse range of living solutions designed to meet the needs of students and young professionals alike.

Gravitas Et Levitas

Happy about being Serious. Serious about being Happy.

At Ivy League House, we believe that both seriousness (Gravitas) and fun (Levitas) are equally important in a student’s life. And that’s why we encourage our residents to be serious about being happy and happy about being serious.